Monday, April 21, 2014

what i've been up to


i remember how desperate i was, on a pursuit to find the light out of this tunnel. now i want it all back- the comfort in the pain, the peace in the despair. it has been three good years and it's time i slam the door shut.


reality check: four months since i last made my new year resolutions have passed.

as i look back and recollect, my heart is so full with gratefulness for the unexpected opportunities that unfold in the first quarter of the year, where my involvement and having the experience in the various areas for the first time led me to a series of fascinating adventures and discoveries. for the first time, I went on a mission trip, performed on stage for a musical production on Easter, graduated from poly (finally!!!), transited to being an OL, started working in the CBD area at an MNC, passed my driving test on my first attempt and the list goes on. however....... there is always two sides of the coin. i have been so busy at work that i'm always OT-ing almost everyday. though i get to pocket a little bit more cash out of the extra hours spent in the office, i'm doing it at the expense of the time i could have spent with my family and friends. it's a constant tug of war between more money or investing in relationships and i'm still learning to find the balance between the two. still, i thank God for everything :)

speaking about work, i finally bid farewell to PA and took the first step in exposing myself to somewhere with good prospect awaits. this is the very first time i've ever worked in an MNC, and i've been around for about 3 weeks already. honestly, i initially caught myself in a huuuuuge culture shock even though i'm only there as a HR temp assistant. i almost couldn't cope with the insanely vast disparity in work culture between PA and my current company because the pace here is so much faster than that of PA, and i used to think that my colleagues were not as nice as i expected them to be (i always had the perception and expectation that all HR staff are crazily nice because they have the human skills since they deal with so many people in their field of work). but things things got better as time passed- i adapted well, started to find meaning in the work that i do and enjoyed being around with my colleagues (they were no longer as nasty as i first thought they were)- all in a span of 3 days. and all that i experienced in this company so far has taught me how to be like clay, being malleable to my surroundings and happenings. on top of that, a new temp just came in (he's one year older, yay to colleagues without much of an age gap) too, which makes work much more enjoyable. but i still miss the other temp, whose name is also Melissa and is one of the nicest people i've met in the company, who transferred to another department as a perm staff on my 2nd week at work. yep, i guess i gotta get used to the fact that in the corporate world, i have no absolute control of how people would come and go.

anyway, its almost midweek YAY