Saturday, April 5, 2014

wong fu


two months ago i got tickets for Faith and I to see Wong Fu live, and it was the best 120 bucks (for both tickets) I have ever spent. having both Wesley and Philip right in front of me felt surreal, as though i have waited for forever for this very moment. half the time when they were talking i'd lose myself to unbelief, not being able to believe that they were just a few metres away from me. i just couldn't. and at the same time i was trying my best to keep the explosion inside of me contained- my heart was racing at a rapid pace, and it almost raced out of my mouth but i garnered all ounces of strength to keep a calm composure. then i'd snap myself out of being lost in another world, back to Lowercase listening to their awe-inspiring stories of themselves & Wong Fu.

i guess perhaps this is what it feels like to dream someone into life? :)